Museo dei Fossili di Besano

The museum of fossils of Besano displays a significant part of the exceptional findings discovered around the italian side of Monte San Giorgio.

It's a window into the distant past of 240 million years ago, when ancient creatures lived in the warm waters of a tropical sea, and which today, can be admired perfectly preserved in the rooms: gorgeous and bizarre-looking ammonites, plants, fishes and reptiles. Among the reptiles stands out the huge Besanosaurus, an almost 6 feet long Ichthyosaur with 4 embryos in her abdomen, still visible today. The other star of the museum is the Saltriosauro, recently renamed as Saltriovenator zanellai, which is considered the oldest fossil of a large carnivorous dinosaur in Italy.

Riapertura Museo di Besano - 16 ottobre 2020

 Si informa l'utenza che il Museo dei Fossili di Besano riaprirà il giorno venerdì 16 ottobre dopo un periodo di chiusura per riallestimento del piano espositivo.

Museum of Fossils of Besano

Via Prestini 5 
21050 Besano (VA)
+ 39. 3337849836


Tuesday, Saturday
2.00 pm - 5.30 pm
10.30 am - 5.30 pm


Openings by reservation on any day and time



Adults € 4,5

Reduced € 3,0 (students and groups)


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Museo dei Fossili di Besano
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