The Transnational Organization

The Transnational Board

The transnational board is the strategic body that convenes the Monte San Giorgio Foundation (MSG) delegates for the Swiss side and the representatives of the "Convenzione Italiana dei Comuni" belonging to the Italian Monte San Giorgio site. The board is in turn presided by a delegate from one of the two management bodies previously mentioned (CH-I).


In respect to the requests formulated by the UNESCO’s world heritage committee, the main commitment of the transnational board is:


  • To enable communication between the Swiss Foundation and the "Convenzione Italiana dei Comuni"
  • To arrange the strategic management of the site and to develop common projects according to a specific transnational management plan


Two site managers, a Swiss and an Italian delegate, respectively sit at the transnational board together with a scientific transnational coordinator, designated by the Scientific Transnational Board.


Scientific transnational board

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