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The building of Museum of fossils from Monte San Giorgio is accessible to people with mobility disabilities and their carers. The cobbled inner courtyard is not suitable for wheelchair users. The museum is distributed over four levels accessible by lift. Numerous chairs are distributed throughout the museum. Disabled toilets with changing facilities are located on the ground floor, on the other floors there are no toilets.

Disabled parking spaces are located 140 metres from the museum, loading and unloading is possible immediately in front of the museum entrance.

The museum contents are suitable for all age groups (3 to 99 years) and all levels of education (from kindergarten to university education). Possible experiences include numerous visual, tactile and olfactory stations, also suitable for visually impaired visitors. All contents of the museum, which can also be accessed by means of special audio guides for adults and children, are presented in Italian, German, French and English.

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